Industrial Barn and Warehouse Pendant Lighting

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Old wood door, antlers and industrial lighting.

Why not. There was a time when old barns and industrial warehouses were decked out in lights. Hanging over an old barn door was usually a metal light on a goose neck rod. It provided all the light that was needed to get in an out of the barn. Made of solid domed shaped metal these lights came in different colors and usually held a single light bulb. But it was plenty of light for the space. And in our commercial warehouses, the look was similar but instead these metal shades hung as pendants from the ceiling. These warehouse lights would usually be spaced out about every 20 feet depending on the size of the warehouse. And with one flip of the switch, the whole warehouse would light up.

Today, these barn and warehouse lights have made it into the home. Hanging over the kitchen sink or dining table, these industrial pendant lights are now in high demand. If you’re looking to add a vintage industrial style to your room, don’t forget the lighting. A warehouse light can really complete your space and last a long time. Industrial metal never looked so good. So what about the old door and antlers? Check it out.

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Industrial pendant warehouse lights

Vintage metal

Vintage door

Vintage antlers

Don’t worry, they’re not real!

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