Industrial Burlap Lighting and Ottoman

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I give this an A for effort!

I know the critics will be out there, but at least it’s burlap. This might look like a do it yourself lighting project, but these burlap lights are professionally made.

If you dare to make your own industrial lighting, these lights start with a standard light socket, a wire metal frame and of course, plenty of burlap fabric. Don’t underestimate the power of burlap. It’s biodegradable which is good for the environment and therefore good for future generations. You can also recycle burlap. It’s a durable fabric so find some vintage burlap and give it a new life. Not sure I’m sold on using burlap for lighting but I do like burlap ottomans. Burlap, make it your fabric of choice!

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Industrial lighting

Made with real burlap

On a metal frame

With a single light bulb

And a hair scrunchy!

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