Industrial Corrugated Metal Chandelier

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Introduction to Corrugated Metal 101

This chandelier is made from industrial strength corrugated metal. So in case you don’t know what corrugated metal is, here’s a crash course.

Corrugated metal is a building material composed of sheets of hot dipped galvanized mild steel that is cold rolled to produce a linear pattern. The corrugations increase the bending strength of the sheet in the direction perpendicular to the corrugations, but not parallel to them. Normally each sheet is manufactured longer in its strong direction. Corrugated metal is lightweight and easily transported and used mostly in the construction of military buildings, sheds and water tanks.

Now if you didn’t follow all that, just remember this.

Next time you shop for an industrial metal chandelier, go corrugated!

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Corrugated metal chandelier

Built industrial strong

With corrugated metal

And vintage lights

Go corrugated!

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