Industrial Crank Dining Table

Go big or go home with this industrial crank dining table. And if you decide to go home, please take this over sized industrial crank dining table with you.

I would choose a dining table that is too big over one that is too small. Somehow you always seem to notice when a table is too small for a space. It just looks funny and there seems to never be enough seating. But if you’re going to choose an industrial table this big you will need a big room. It also helps to have a big light or chandelier hanging over this table and a high ceiling makes the space look even better. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want unless you’re lucky enough to build a custom home. But that doesn’t have to stop us from getting a big table like this one.

Inspired by crank tables from the Industrial Revolution, this table is now ready to work as a dining table in your home. Made with a crank cast iron base that takes two people to crank it up, this table adjusts to bar height for the after party. Serve guests dinner at 8pm and start the party with drinks at 11pm. Either way you decide to use this dining table it will work hard and seat plenty. Go big and take this table home.

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industrial crank dining table
Go big
industrial crank dining table
Or go home
industrial crank dining table
With an industrial crank dining table
industrial crank dining table
Take it home