Industrial Crank Dining Table

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet even if it weren’t on this industrial crank dining table. And an industrial crank dining table by any other name would look just as good.

Sometimes less is more. When you have a dining table that has this much vintage industrial style all you need is a simple vase of fresh cut roses. Forget the elaborate table setting of vintage plates, glasses and flatware because this dining table speaks for itself. Made from industrial strength iron with a vintage crank base and a natural wood top, it’s easy to miss the sweet aroma from these beautiful roses. My attention is focused on the grandeur of this industrial dining table. Inspired by vintage cranks once used in our industrial factories, this table can now serve dinner to your family and friends. Use this dining table in the kitchen for everyday meals or in the dining room for formal dinner parties. Either way it will bring vintage style to your space and probably out shine any flowers in the room.

Our thanks to William Shakespeare.

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An industrial crank dining table

By any other name

Would look just as good

Industrial strength with vintage style

Thank you William Shakespeare

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