Industrial End Table and Vintage Metal Bucket

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Where’s my swiffer mop?

I’m not washing my floor with this vintage metal bucket.

Fully equipped with industrial wheels to slide gracefully across your kitchen floor, this bucket can handle the toughest of jobs. And the galvanized metal finish keeps this bucket rust free, no matter how many times you spill the water.

But I like the industrial end table that this vintage bucket is resting on. This end table might look vintage but it’s brand new. Made from industrial grade metal, this end table can take on the heaviest of loads. It’s painted and distressed to look true vintage and can certainly hold a lamp by the bed or a remote by the sofa. So when shopping for industrial style end tables, it doesn’t always have to be vintage. It’s now swiffer time, so get mopping!

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That’s a big bucket

On industrial wheels

Sitting on an industrial end table

With a distressed paint finish

On top of an all metal cart

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