Industrial Factory Painting and Pendant Lights

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The next best thing.

If you can’t be in a vintage industrial factory, hang it on your wall.

If you like vintage industrial artifacts there’s nothing better than taking a scavenger hunt through an old factory from the Industrial Revolution. Rusted iron gears, wheels and sprockets are everywhere but not everyone gets that opportunity. Factories from the early part of the twentieth century were full of industrial mechanical parts, made in all shapes and sizes. If you want the next best thing to being there, check out this oil painting on canvas of a vintage industrial factory. This painting is big. In fact, it’s big enough to fill an entire wall and make you feel just like you were there. The only thing missing is the noise from all those gears and cranks working 9 to 5. And if your ceiling is high enough, match this painting with some vintage style glass pendants. Made from hand blown glass, these pendant lights look great alone or in a cluster. They really complete the picture. So there’s the whistle, it’s 5 o’clock, punch that clock!

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Oil painting on canvas

Fits behind a full size sofa

With vintage glass pendant lights

And mechanical parts

Hang them both!

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