Industrial Factory Painting

Am I in a real industrial factory or is this just a painting.

You might have to look twice when you walk into a room with this over sized painting of a factory from the Industrial Revolution. At over 8 feet long this is one big piece of art. Hand painted in oil on canvas, this painting depicts the nuts, bolts and machinery that was vital to the growth and success of the Industrial Revolution back in the early part of the last century. This entire canvas is painted in hues of black and brown because that’s exactly what it looked like in factories and manufacturing plants back in the day. There were no pops of color to make the space visually interesting or more important, to keep us awake. Instead, it was all about hard work and a strong cup of coffee. There were no paintings on the walls because space was crucial to store industrial parts in metal shelving and cabinets. Not a pretty picture, unlike this work of art. Hang this industrial factory painting in the home and it will transform your space. Over sized paintings not only cover an entire wall but they grab your attention. Hang a painting this size and you won’t need much else on the other walls. Behind the sofa, over the bar or even just alone, this industrial painting will be the focal point of the room. This painting is nice to look at and it sure beats working in a factory.

Isn’t it 5:00 somewhere.

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industrial factory painting
A real industrial factory
industrial factory painting
Or just a painting
industrial factory painting
The Industrial Revolution
industrial factory painting
Hand painted in oil on canvas