Industrial Wood Carts

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Industrial factory carts, well, more like industrial FISH carts.  These carts are used to haul loads of fish down at New York City’s Fulton Fish Market.  Sorry I didn’t get any photos of the fish, but you have to be there at 5am, not happening!

Take a look at the cool wood and metal wheels and then see what Fishs Eddy is doing with them, no pun intended!  This retailer is selling the wheels and believe it or not making fork and spoon chandeliers out of them.

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Great vintage industrial wheels

This cart should get a parking ticket

There are tall ones…

and there are short ones

And in NYC, you have to lock your fish cart up!

Vintage wheels for sale at Fishs Eddy

This is a little too makeshift for me

Knives! Sorry this ain’t cuttin’ it.

Now this is a Fork and Spoon Chandelier

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factory cart coffee table

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