Industrial Galvanized Metal Coffee Table

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Wheelbarrow or bathtub?

This vintage wheelbarrow is certainly big enough to be a bathtub, but I like it as a wheelbarrow.

Made from galvanized metal, the tub of this wheelbarrow has resisted erosion, unlike it’s iron handle. Galvanization is a process where zinc, an element that resists rust, is infused into the metal. So this galvanized wheelbarrow has resisted natural erosion from years of rain, sleet and snow.

But galvanized metal can also be used on products that are made for inside the home to add industrial style to any space. Dining tables, end tables and even coffee tables can be made with galvanized metal for real industrial design.

So next time you shop for a coffee table, get galvanized!

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Vintage wheelbarrow

Big enough to be a bathtub

What do you expect

It’s old!

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