Industrial Galvanized Metal Dining Table

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Got zinc?

If you’ve got zinc, you’ll have no worries of rust or corrosion.

This industrial dining table has a galvanized metal top which means it won’t ever rust. Galvanization is a process where industrial metal is infused with zinc. Zinc is a natural element that resists corrosion over extended periods of times, which means it will last a lifetime. The zinc penetrates the layers of metal creating a barrier deep inside and not just on the surface of the table. So this industrial dining table is not only strong but it will withstand natural forces and the test of time.

Set this table in the kitchen, dining room or even outside on the patio and it will add real industrial style to your space. Add a vintage wood crate and some industrial pendants and the picture is complete.

Next time you shop for an industrial dining table, think zinc!

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Got zinc?

An industrial dining table

Made with galvanized metal

Holding a cool vintage wood crate

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