Industrial Galvanized Metal Dining Table

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I never liked Chemistry class.

But it’s worth going back for this industrial galvanized metal dining table. Pay close attention.

Galvanized metal is the product of a chemical process that keeps it from corroding, or more commonly known as rust. As much as I like an old rust finish, rust can ruin the properties of metal. So the best way to make metal resist corrosion is to apply another layer of metal, namely zinc. Zinc naturally fights rust and protects metal from corroding… and it can also protect your nose from getting sunburn 🙂

Galvanization requires metal to be submerged into melted zinc. Zinc molecules then go through a chemical reaction and permanently bond themselves to the metal. I didn’t say this would be easy!

Once bonding is complete, the outer most layer of the metal becomes all zinc and successive layers within are part metal and part zinc. So if for some reason, rust does find it’s way in, it will attack the zinc first and the metal inside will be protected. Now that we made it through Chemistry 101, let’s not forget this great industrial dining table with a galvanized metal top.

This table top not only fights rust but it folds up too. So when unexpected guests arrive for dinner you can unfold this table and be ready to serve eight instead of two. And when done, just fold this galvanized table back up and store it away. But I like this galvanized metal table and it deserves more than just space in the closet. So why not serve dinner for friends and family every night on a big galvanized dining table.

Now what was the chemistry symbol for Zinc? Zn of course!

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Industrial dining table

With cool metal chairs

And a galvanized metal top

Holding a vintage wood box

With vintage glass bottles

Get galvanized!

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