Industrial Green Dining Table

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When is going green too green?

This industrial dining table might be taking “green” to an extreme but I like it.

Covered in soft green moss, it’s hard to notice the industrial metal on this big dining table. Made with a great rust finish, no worries if you have to water the moss to keep it green. Just pour it on.

I know it might be hard to eat on top of this dining table but think how much fun and how good it would look for that special occasion or holiday. Bringing the outdoors in with potted flowers and real moss, this industrial table certainly brings new meaning to the term going green. When shopping for green products made with reclaimed or recycled wood, it’s nice to accent them with live flowers, grass or plantings. The right accent can really make a space and going green is about appreciating and preserving our environment. So enjoy the outdoors while you’re sitting at your dining table indoors and maybe your neighbors will turn green too, with envy!

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Set the dining table

With live green moss

And potted flowers

Great moss

And great table

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