Industrial Iron and Crystal Chandelier

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I’m taking off my top hat!

To this industrial iron and crystal chandelier. Glass crystal chandeliers have never been one of my favorites. But this unlikely combination of rusted iron and crystal puts this chandelier at the top of my list.

Take a traditional crystal chandelier and put it inside a rusted metal sphere and you have real industrial style. The rusted metal adds vintage appeal to this chandelier making it perfect for industrial spaces. And this chandelier is big measuring 46 inches in diameter so you really need a big room or a very high ceiling. I could easily build a room around this chandelier or should I say just for this chandelier. A real eye catcher, this industrial chandelier will command anyone’s attention. It’s almost like saying don’t look directly into the sun but you can’t stop yourself. It’s the same with this iron chandelier, you just can’t take your eyes off it. So hats off to an industrial twist on a traditional crystal chandelier. Real vintage industrial style.

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Vintage industrial crystal chandeliers

Made with glass crystals

And rusted iron

Taking off my top hat

Light bulbs and top hats not included.

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