Industrial Iron and Rope Chandelier

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I’m all tied up in knots.

With the rope used to make this vintage industrial chandelier.

Jute is a natural fiber used in the making of rope. And in case you considered growing some of your own jute, think again. The perfect climate for cultivating jute is the monsoon climate where heat and humidity are high, the soil is loose and standing water is common. And that’s why India is the major producer of jute. So forget the idea of making your own rope and let’s get back to this industrial iron and rope chandelier.

Made by hand, rope is carefully threaded in and out of the large eyelets on this rust finish iron frame. A knot here, a knot there and this rope slowly becomes one amazing chandelier. The candle like lights on this fixture add vintage style and the heavy iron frame make it industrial strong. Hang this chandelier in the grand foyer or in the formal dining room. Either way you use this chandelier it will bring vintage industrial style to your space.

So get some rope and start tying those knots!

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Get some rope

And start tying knots

To make your own

Vintage industrial chandelier

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