Industrial Iron and Wood Dining Table

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I like flowers on a dining table.

But I think gum ball candy looks better.

I remember gum ball machines with colorful sugar coated gum balls inside. And depending on your age you might remember inserting a penny, a nickel, a dime or even a quarter to get that tasty piece of candy. So why not relive those days and add some vintage style to your dining table.

Built with an industrial strength iron base, this table would be hard to move. So wherever you decide to place it make sure there are no plans to move it. This dining table also comes with a reclaimed wood top that’s thick and strong as well. Use this dining table in the home or it’s strong enough for commercial use. Either way you use it, gum ball candy will look good on this table.

Remember flowers look good but you can’t eat them.

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I like flowers

But I like gum ball candy better

On a vintage dining table

Built industrial strong

Which color is your favorite?

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