Industrial Iron Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.

I mean stairs! I was just walking down an old stairwell and there it was, an industrial iron mirror. Standing tall, you can’t miss this mirror.

Made from industrial iron with a cool arch, this mirror can definitely make a statement on any wall. Hang it up or just lean it against a wall, this mirror will look good either way. I usually like mirrors made from salvaged or reclaimed wood with a thick frame, but this mirror would work in any room.  Mirrors are a great accent to any room and will always make a space seem bigger than it is. And don’t be scared to go big, a big mirror can make a big impact. So next time you’re looking to fill that wall space, hang an industrial iron or reclaimed wood mirror. And like what’s looking back at you!

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Industrial iron mirror

Hanging out in a stairwell

Standing tall

And reflecting

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