Industrial Jetliner Oil Painting

If you’re afraid to fly this jetliner oil painting might be the next best thing.

The best part about going on vacation is boarding a jetliner and landing at your dream destination in just a few short hours. So why not enjoy that dream everyday with your own oil painting of a commercial jetliner. Made from salvaged industrial metal, this is no ordinary canvas for an oil painting. This jetliner has been painstakingly painted by hand on recycled metal and is perfect for the home or commercial space. Hang this jetliner over the sofa in the den or behind the bar in a mancave. Either way it will bring industrial style to your home or in your favorite restaurant. And if you want to add real drama, create your own landing strip with ten or twenty toy jetliners on the wall. It will definitely make family and friends want to fasten their seatbelts.

So don’t be nervous. Get ready to make a smooth landing right into your own home with this industrial jetliner oil painting.

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Get ready for takeoff

With this jetliner oil painting

Painted by hand

On industrial salvaged metal

Prepare to land

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