Industrial Lighting and Vintage Leather Suitcases

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Carry on luggage?

I don’t think so. No wheels, no retractable handle or countless zipper compartments. But I do like the vintage leather and real brass hardware on these suitcases.

I don’t care what your passion is for collecting, if you have enough of them they will look great. Two or even ten vintage coke bottles can look good but one hundred bottles stacked on a wall can look great. Just like these vintage suitcases. One or two can accent a room but pile up fifty vintage suitcases and you have real wall art. Collecting can be fun but displaying your collection can be even more fun. So try putting whatever you collect out on display and make a statement in your room.

But don’t forget to light up your new wall art. Go vintage and try industrial lighting like this crystal chandelier. Made from glass crystals, this chandelier is surrounded by a solid iron sphere with a rust finish. Hang it high or low this industrial chandelier will light up any collection in any room. Now pack your bags, we’re outta here!

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Vintage leather suitcases

Piled to the ceiling

Can look great

Just like this industrial chandelier

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