Industrial Metal Bar Cart

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s an industrial metal bar cart. If you’re looking for that one of a kind bar cart to hold your favorite wines and liqueurs, then we have the bar cart for you. It won’t only help make your drinks, it will help get the party started.

With the glass doors tightly shut this industrial metal bar cart looks like something from the movie Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. But with closer inspection you realize that it’s holding bottles of wine, drink mixers and some high end champagne glasses. It’s a bar cart. Inspired by steampunk design, this tire shaped cabinet is made from galvanized metal that stands proudly on industrial strength brass piping, that looks something like indoor plumbing. Steampunk design was first introduced by the Victorians and it was their vision of what future technology would look like. This design aesthetic didn’t last long but it’s making a comeback just for it’s unique and whimsical look. This metal bar cart is perfect for holding and displaying your favorite drinks and glasses. But it also looks great as a piece of furniture in the living room, den or the man cave. And with a mirrored back, this industrial cart looks good from all sides. It’s definitely too big to be a bird and too small to be a plane. It’s just one cool industrial metal bar cart. Now let’s get this party started.

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industrial metal bar cart
It’s a bird
industrial metal bar cart
It’s a plane
industrial metal bar cart
No, it’s an industrial bar cart
industrial metal bar cart
Let’s get this party started