Industrial Metal Cage Lights

Cage fighting or industrial metal cage lights. No fighting going on here. These pendants have been hung together in perfect unison. In fact, you might think this is one big cage chandelier but they are all individual pendants. But if it were a fight we would take it to the UFC.

Industrial Metal Cage Lights

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or better known as the UFC, stages bouts in an eight sided metal cage appropriately named The Octagon. Competitors fight in approved shorts, no shoes and open fingered gloves. Three judges score each round based on a 10 point system with the winner of each round receiving 10 points and the loser receiving a score of 9 points or less. So what does this have to do with vintage industrial pendants. If you’ve ever been to a local flea market or antique shop you might see customers coming to blows over the last few remaining vintage pendants. Just like The Octagon, these pendants are made with solid metal and surrounded by a similar chain link. And each cage comes fully equipped with an industrial strength door and latch, not for competitor access but for placement of a vintage style Edison light bulb. Hang these vintage cage pendants over the kitchen island or group them together over the dining room table. Either way you use these pendants, they will add vintage style to your space. Now get shopping because these cage lights are a real knock out!

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industrial metal cage lights
Cage fighting



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