Industrial Metal Cage Lights

I have the industrial metal cage lights but where’s a good mechanic when you need one. Metal cage lights were first introduced as a working man’s tool. They are made with industrial strength iron and a metal cage to protect the light bulb from breaking. Times have changed since then. Mechanics still use cage lights but they have found a new purpose in the home. 

Industrial Metal Cage Lights

Vintage industrial cage lights have been around since the Industrial Revolution. They were made to hang and be used by workers in our factories and manufacturing plants. Factories and warehouses were not easy places to work. They were large and lighting was scarce. The production of goods required a lot of human intervention and the machines were large and heavy. Not to mention the transport of carts, products and people back and forth across the factory floor. So they needed lights that could keep up with the hard work and fast pace. The cage light was introduced with a hard metal casing and a metal cage that surrounded and protected the bulb. They knew that these lights would be bumped, dropped and banged during the normal course of the work day. In addition, they all had a little hook at the end of each cage. Certain work tasks required close up lighting in hard to reach places. Lights hanging from the ceiling did not provide enough light. Using the hook you could hang a vintage industrial cage light anywhere you needed more light. Today the vintage cage light has been updated for the 21st century in a polished nickel finish with brass accents. Hang them in the home over the bar counter or the kitchen island. They will work hard for you while you don’t.

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