Industrial Metal Cage Lights

When in trouble get an industrial metal cage light.

Metal cage lights have been around since the Industrial Revolution. And over time they have been called a variety of names like trouble lights, cage lights, mechanic lights and work lights. But all of these lights do the same thing. They help shed light on those hard to reach places. Hang a cage light under the car hood, in a crawl space or up in the attic. Cage lights have a metal hook to hang them just about anywhere you need light and an industrial strong metal frame to protect the light bulb from those unexpected bangs and bumps. But these metal cage lights are different in only one way, there’s no plug. These lights are hard wired so that they can function as pendant lighting in any room of your home. If you want industrial style, hang one or several metal cage lights over the dining room table or above the bar in the man cave. Either way, these pendants will bring authentic industrial design to your space.

Now please stay out of trouble.

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Stay out of trouble

With metal cage lights

Hang as pendant lighting

For authentic industrial style

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