Industrial Metal Cage Pendant Lights

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Feeling a little cagey?

Then check out these industrial metal cage pendants.

Made from solid metal with an industrial gray finish, these cage lights are replicas of vintage dye baskets. The metal basket was used to dye fabrics by placing the fabric inside the cage, locking the latch and immersing it into a container filled with dye. Once complete, the basket would be lifted, the latch door opened and the fabric removed. But today, the fabric has been replaced with an Edison style light bulb and the cage suspended by an industrial chain. Hang these cage pendant lights over the bar counter, kitchen table or even in the foyer to add real industrial style to your space.

So next time you shop for industrial pendant lighting, think outside the cage!

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Vintage dye baskets?

Or industrial lighting

Get cagey

With metal cage pendant lighting

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