Industrial Metal Parts Wall Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to industrial metal parts  wall art. Some might think this is just scrap metal parts but others might think this wall is a work of art. I think it could be both. These were originally just scrap metal. Old metal factory parts that once belonged to industrial machines that produced consumer goods. But clean them up, hang them together and they make a unique one of a kind wall display. The key to making this work is to hang a lot of artifacts with similar traits in close proximity so that they look like they belong together. This collection would look good in your local pub or in the man cave at home. Either way it will get people talking.

Industrial Metal Parts Wall Art

You don’t have to search junk yards or abandoned buildings to make a piece of art. You can create your own art with everyday household items or using your favorite vintage finds. The trick is to think outside the box or in this case outside the junk yard. Throw out your ordinary thoughts on design and make something extraordinary. Look at each object in a different way. Forget what it’s original purpose was and turn it upside down. Objects that normally go on the floor now look good on the wall. And vice versa. You’re the artist and what you say goes. As long as it works for you that’s all that matters. Personalize your space, create it and make it your own.

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industrial metal parts wall art
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