Industrial Metal Plate Chandelier

If you need more plates for dinner just grab one from this industrial metal plate chandelier. It seems there are never enough dinner plates for entertaining family, guests or large parties. And if you have enough plates they rarely all match each other. I’m not saying that the plates on this metal plate chandelier can be easily removed but if push comes to shove, hand me a screwdriver.

Industrial Metal Plate Chandelier

Made from solid iron with powder coated arms and brass details, this chandelier is built industrial strong. But what makes this plate chandelier so unique is that the arms adjust to a variety of different positions. By changing the angle of the arms, this chandelier transforms into not two but at least four different chandeliers. During cocktail hour, fold the arms sideways or at an angle so that the metal plates face the walls. While dinner is served, fold the plates down facing the table so that family and friends can enjoy the food and each other. And when desert is done, fold the metal plates on this metal chandelier up to the ceiling to set the mood for an after party. We don’t often change out the chandelier in our dining room. It’s usually a significant purchase and still hanging there when you sell your home. But now you can change things up and every so often change the look of this chandelier and the look of your room. Fold it up, down or even sideways and this chandelier will change with your mood and your needs. And if you do find yourself short on dinner plates, there’s always paper plates.

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industrial metal plate chandelier
Industrial Metal Plate Chandelier



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