Industrial Metal Stools

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Time for a stool sample.

No, not that kind, an industrial metal stool. Made from solid metal and polished to a chrome like finish, these stools fit great under any kitchen counter or island.  Tucked away from sight, these metal stools are ready to be pulled out at a moments notice and are ready to go to work. Line these stools up under the counter and invite your friends. Great for sitting and hanging out, these stools will not bend or tarnish and will always look as good as the day they were made.

Or use just one stool under your work desk and sit comfortably for hours, these stools can take it. Built industrial strong, these metal stools add a vintage factory style to any space. And when you forget where you put that small step ladder, just reach for this industrial metal stool and climb up, it’s that strong.

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Industrial metal stool

Standing strong

With industrial metal finish

And strong metal seat

Cool light bulb too

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