Industrial Metal Wire Console

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Full lockdown.

All shoppers are locked in their cars to prevent a riot from spreading.

Not only does this industrial console remind me of cellblock 23 but I could see how furniture this cool could incite a riot among shoppers.

Made from heavy industrial metal and wire, no one is breaking into this cellblock. Use it as a console or a cabinet for storage, either way it will add industrial style to any space. Fully equipped with heavy wire mesh and chains, all you need to bring is your own padlock. This console is strong enough to hold a TV yet gentle enough for your fine china. But best of all, you can lock away those prized possessions and no one is getting near them. So shop vintage industrial for your next console. Now it’s time to go, the guards are coming!

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Industrial console

Or cabinet

Looks like real vintage

Heavy metal chain and latch

And cast iron wheels

Cellblock 23!

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