Industrial Oak Wood Dining Table

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Trying to fit everyone at the dining table?

No worries, check out this extra large dining table. This table is so big that it could be used in a lecture hall. Professor at one end of the table and students flanked on both sides. The only problem is that we’re here to eat and not study.

Made from solid oak wood, this industrial table is strong enough to hold the entire family and a few friends too. And the table top is covered in white lacquer so you can dress this table up in the formal dining room or enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. Either way, this large dining table is built with industrial strength and will hold everyone at the holidays even with some extra elbow room. So pull up another chair because there’s plenty of room at this table.

Now where’s our next class?

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Lecture hall

Or dining table?

No textbooks here

Just a centerpiece for the table

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