Industrial Reclaimed Wood and Metal Cabinet

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Armoire or almirah?

If you were in France, it would be an armoire, in India it would be an almirah and in England a wardrobe. Centuries ago, wardrobes were actually made in America and exported to Britain where wood was in short supply. Originally made from oak with ornate carvings, wardrobes were popular among the wealthy that lived in palatial homes and castles. It is said that the size of a wardrobe was measured by the “eight men” method. If it was a good size wardrobe it would hold eight small men inside. Those aristocrats must have had a lot of clothes!

Over the years, the American made wardrobes evolved in size and construction. They were eventually made with less expensive walnut wood and the interior filled with cupboards and lockers. Remember that drawers are a modern day invention. The term wardrobe eventually evolved to cabinet filled with shelves and made from solid mixed woods.

This industrial cabinet is green. It’s made from all reclaimed wood and heavy metal with a cool metal lock if you don’t like lending out your clothes. So when you’re short on closet space, go green and think industrial reclaimed wood and metal cabinet.

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Industrial cabinet

Made from reclaimed wood

With a cool latch

And heavy metal frame

I like the metal bookcase too!

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