Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

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Sit down, relax and read a good book.

Or sit down, relax and just look at a good book.

Bookcases are a great addition to any living room, den or man cave. And a bookcase can certainly fill a big empty wall space and can be used to store your most prized collections. Traditionally, bookcases were used to hold your favorite books and the well known Encyclopedia Britannica. Since Britannica and most books have moved on line, you can still fill that bookcase with vintage books. Leather bound in a variety of colors, these vintage books make for great display and add character and warmth to a room. And of course you need to find a big bookcase to put all those books. This bookcase is made with reclaimed wood with glass doors so that whatever you choose to display can be seen as you sit down and relax from a long hard day.

So next time you sit down to read a good book on your iPad or Kindle, look up and admire your wood bookcase filled with vintage leather books.

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Sit down and relax

And look at a good book

Big bookcase

Made with reclaimed wood

And filled with vintage leather books

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