Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

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Just a hat box?

What’s a bookcase without a hat box. It’s time to dig into that closet and break out those hat boxes. Once what was just an ordinary hat box is now the main focal point in the room. Using more than one of the same item to decorate makes an eye catching display and adds real industrial style to your home.

Of course, there would be no display without the bookcase. Made of reclaimed wood and heavy metal, this bookcase is industrial strong and can certainly hold more than a few hat boxes. Great for any room, this industrial bookcase can fill any empty wall space. And a bookcase can keep your vintage collection or books organized without hiding them away in drawers or the closet. At the same, this industrial bookcase is green, recycling wood from the past and bringing it back to life without sacrificing our environment. So go green when buying your next bookcase and while you’re at it, check out what’s in your closet!

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Industrial bookcase

Looks great in this space

A collection of hat boxes

On reclaimed wood

Cool sofa

And great chandelier too

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