Vintage Industrial Wood Cafeteria Table

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Remember your high school cafeteria?

Now you can relive those days and eat cafeteria style in your own home. This dining table is big and industrial. I think it’s a great way to eat and share time with friends and family. The base of this vintage table is solid industrial iron and reproduced from the early 1900’s. And the top of this vintage style table is made from reclaimed wood so no two tables are exactly alike. The fun part of this table is the seating. The attached stools are made from mixed hard woods and give a real vintage industrial style to this table. And no need to spend money on chairs with this cafeteria table, they’re already included. So sit down with your high school pals and have a big meal at this cafeteria table. And leave your homework at school!

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Vintage Industrial Cafeteria Table at

With industrial wood stools that move for your comfort

This reclaimed wood table comes in two sizes, 8ft and 12ft.

Big reclaimed wood table top

Go green with great reclaimed wood

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