Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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Reclaimed, recycled, reused and reinvented.

There are a lot of adjectives to describe old wood that’s been rescued and given a second chance on life. But what do they really mean?

Old wood is stronger than new wood. Old wood has withstood the test of time with cold winters and hot summers when wood contracts and expands. Under these conditions, wood will harden and show it’s true beauty with natural cracking and distressing.

This is evident in old barns that were built in the early part of the last century. These old barns were constructed with wood that was cut from trees that had grown for over a 100 years. They were cut down from crowded forests where each tree had to fight to find those much needed rays of sunlight for growth. So each tree grew longer and stronger for it.

But today, our forests are protected and wood is cut from tree farms where trees are planted proportionally from one another and harvested after only 10-20 years, making them less strong than their proud ancestors. So combine the inherent strength of wood from our natural forests with exposure to the elements for 100 years after it’s been cut and you have some very strong wood.

So it’s no surprise that when an old barn is torn down, many are eager to reclaim, salvage, recycle or reuse this wood for a new purpose in life like this new industrial wood coffee table.

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Old wood

Is stronger than new wood

And it looks better too

So reclaim it

With your next coffee table

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