Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

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Picnic table or elegant dining table?

Inspired by the vintage picnic tables that were a common staple to every backyard in the 1950’s. Most baby boomers can remember enjoying the hot days of summer and somewhere outside there was always a picnic table. Two benches and a wood table with cross legs were always the focal point for barbeques, birthday parties or just enjoying a hotdog.

Now the infamous picnic table has made a big comeback but this time with vintage industrial style. Made with a reclaimed wood top that is supported by an industrial iron base, this dining table has earned it’s place indoors to celebrate special occasions all year round. Dress this wood dining table up with high back linen chairs and the backyard seems like a distant memory. This vintage industrial table can hold it’s own with the best. Use it in the formal dining room or every day in a country kitchen. Either way, you will be sold on the style and functionality of a vintage industrial dining table.

I’ll take mustard and relish with my hotdog please.

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Picnic table?

Or elegant dining table

Vintage style

Reclaimed wood

And industrial strength

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