Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Can a dining table be too long?

Not if you want a kid’s table at Thanksgiving.

At 10 feet long, this over sized dining table can handle family, friends and even the mailman. Forget pushing two tables together for holiday dinners because this table is big enough for everyone. Made from reclaimed wood on a heavy industrial metal frame, this dining table is perfect for family gatherings and entertaining with friends. Pull up some chairs and even benches to this big table and enjoy dinner with everyone at the same table. And don’t worry about spills and scratches because this reclaimed wood table top has it’s own distressing and natural imperfections. It’s going green and it’s good for our environment.

So next time you shop for a reclaimed wood dining table, go big and throw the kid’s table out!

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Big dining table

For big dinners

Made with industrial metal

And reclaimed wood

Go green!

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