Industrial Salvaged Wood Coffee Table

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Tree or coffee table?

I like vintage industrial style coffee tables. But once in awhile I like a change. This teak wood coffee table is not industrial or vintage but it makes you really appreciate the beauty of nature. A salvaged piece of wood from the teak tree has been cleaned up but it’s also very versatile. There are no legs on this wood coffee table because it can stand upright as an art sculpture or used to serve drinks to guests. As shown here, this salvaged wood is sitting on a simple moving cart with wheels. So I have to admit it’s not a vintage industrial coffee table but I really like it. Do you know where I can find a teak tree?

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Salvaged teak wood coffee table

The orchids aren’t bad either

The beauty of wood

A view from below sitting on wheels

Cool wood

100 percent natural wood

With an unnatural price tag!

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