Industrial Station Cart

Meals on wheels or an industrial station cart. Maybe a little of both but this industrial station cart is ready to work and not giving anything away.

Meals on wheels is a great not for profit organization that delivers meals directly to those in need that are house bound. Popular among the elderly, this service accommodates people that are sick or disabled and unable to drive or leave their homes. Unfortunately, most restaurants where this industrial station cart is working are not in the business of giving away their meals for free. We can’t blame them as restaurants support the families of those that work there and they, along with other food service businesses, are an integral part of our economy. However, there are restaurants that donate their unused food at the end of the day to soup kitchens and other non profit organizations. Our hats off to them. So where does this industrial station cart fit into the picture. Restaurant help and servers have a hard job and this station cart helps them get their job done. Knives, forks, glasses and other eating utensils that set each table have to be stored somewhere and this industrial station cart provides quick and easy access. In the fast pace world of restaurant dining where tables are turned over quickly, there’s no time for opening and closing kitchen drawers. Instead, this cart can be loaded with utensils from the kitchen and quickly wheeled to a work station in the dining hall. Waiters and busboys can then grab what they need and move on to the next table. Or this cart can remain stationary adding real industrial style to a space. Use this cart in a restaurant or as a server in the dining room of your home. Either way, it will add vintage industrial style and work hard for you. Check please.

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industrial station cart
Meals on wheels
industrial station cart
Or an industrial station cart
industrial station cart
Maybe both
industrial station cart
Check please