Industrial Steel Beam Console

Beam me up Scotty but don’t forget to bring my industrial steel beam console. Inspired by steel beams used in the construction of commercial buildings and skyscrapers, this console is no lightweight. It is made out of industrial grade steel and mirrors the design of an actual I-beam used in the construction industry. If you look closely from the side, this console is the exact shape of the capital letter I. The only difference is the addition of a thick wood top to make it functional for both the home or commercial spaces. Available in three colors of red, white and black, there is no mistaking this console. Dress it up or down and it will make a statement in any room. Just don’t try to move it around because it’s heavy.

Industrial Steel Beam Console

We all know the popular catchphrase, Beam me up Scotty, from the iconic television series Star Trek. It came from commander Captain Kirk to his chief engineer Montgomery Scott when he wanted to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise. But did you know that this was not the actual quote that was used in the show. There were several variations of the phrase like Scotty beam us up, Scotty beam me up or just Beam me up. But it was never Beam me up Scotty. It doesn’t really matter because everyone knows what you mean and it never stopped anyone from using it. So I’ll just say Scotty, beam up this

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industrial steel beam console
Beam me up



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