Industrial Steel Chairs and Wood Table

Industrial work space with steel chairs and a wood table.

If only all of our conference rooms looked this good. How many times do we sit in an office or conference room with chairs and a long table that I wouldn’t give to my worst enemy. Or stark white walls with artwork that doesn’t deserve to be in a rummage sale. And don’t forget the glaring fluorescent light bulbs overhead that sometimes hum or flicker. Not to mention how unhealthy they make us look. Like we’ve been kept hostage for months and sometimes it felt that way. Well forget all that because now there’s an alternative with industrial steel chairs, a wood table and vintage lighting. I would be a lot more creative and alert if I sat in these wood chairs surrounded by exposed brick walls, industrial lights and vintage artwork. Just think how productive we all could be in an industrial work space where we didn’t sink to the floor in old upholstered chair with lighting that makes us feel like we’re at the doctor’s office. Pull up a cool walnut wood chair because I actually want to be here.

Now what time is the conference call.

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Let’s get to work

In this industrial work space

An industrial steel chair

Is waiting for you

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