Industrial Swivel Bar Stools

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The next round is on me.

As long as my friends and I can sit on a vintage industrial stool. There’s nothing much better than hanging out at the bar counter and giving it a swivel to talk to friends on either side. Made from heavy metal and wood, these bar stools are industrial strong. Line them up at the bar or the kitchen island, these stools add real vintage style.

What’s better than taking a swivel on an industrial stool. Plant your feet on these solid metal foot rails, grab onto the counter and swivel away. And if you get carried away, let go and swivel 360 on these bar stools. These stools also swivel up and down, adjusting in height to fit any size counter. What more could you ask from a stool. So get an industrial metal stool and get swiveling!

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Vintage industrial stools

That are made to swivel

With solid wood

And industrial metal

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