Industrial Table Lamp

Why settle for any industrial table lamp when you can have ten lamps all in one.

We pick out the perfect lamp for that table beside the sofa, chair or bed and we’re happy. We use that table lamp every day as we watch TV, read a book or get in and out of bed. We turn the light on and we turn the light off, in the morning or at night, day after day. But sometimes we get bored of that nice industrial light that we picked out. Worry no more because this table lamp can change by the hour, day or night, as often as you like. Check out this industrial lamp because if you get bored, you can just change it. Each light socket can clip to a different height on the metal post or point in a different direction. Every time you clip a light it transforms this fixture into a new table lamp. And for added industrial style this lamp comes with an electric blue cord just to make sure that you never get tired of looking at it. So if you want real industrial style that will never get old, go with this adjustable table lamp.

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And point

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