Industrial Wall Art and Table

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Where’s a plumber when you need one?

What’s a room without something on the walls. When decorating industrial style it’s important to continue the vintage industrial theme on the walls too. Grandma’s favorite oil painting wouldn’t quite make it with industrial metal chairs and tables.

These vintage plumbing supplies just goes to show what a little imagination can do. Ordinary household items can be repurposed to create industrial wall art. Hang a collection of vintage pipes on the wall or whatever else you can find around the house and you just might have real art or at least an eye catching conversation piece. Industrial wall art compliments vintage style furniture and really completes the look of an industrial space. So next time you go to throw out what may seem ordinary, think twice and maybe it would look good on the walls.

Now back to that leaky faucet!

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Industrial wall art

Or just plumbing supplies?

They’re vintage

And they’re pipes!

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