Industrial Wood and Iron Dining Table

Set the dining table with fine china or just about anything else.

Don’t leave your dining table empty when it’s not in use. It doesn’t take much to make a decorating statement in the dining room when you’re not serving dinner to family or guests. Look around the home for some of your favorite things and it’s easy to stage them on the dining table. This table is made with an industrial strength iron base that easily holds a thick solid wood top. And most anything goes with the natural beauty of wood. The centerpiece on this dining table is a vintage wood toy plane that’s flanked by two trays of votive candles. So if you have the time and want to set the mood for the evening you can light each candle for a soft warm glow of light. But this table also looks good during the day set the same way. Built industrial strong, you can load this table up with vintage finds but be careful not to cover too much of this beautiful wood top. Great for fine dining or a casual brunch in the kitchen. Either way you use this iron and wood table it will add industrial style to your space.

Fine china, no thanks.

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Set the table

With fine china

Or your favorite vintage finds

Built with a solid wood top

On an industrial iron base

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