Industrial Wood and Lacquer Dining Table

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Synthetic polymers, transparent thermoplastics and acrylic acids. What is lacquer anyway?

In the nutshell, lacquer is a clear or colored wood finish that dries through solvent evaporation. It’s a curing process that produces a hard, durable finish that can vary from ultra matte to a high gloss.

But the more scientific definition of lacquer refers to polymers dissolved in volatile organic compounds such as nitrocellulose, acrylic acid or a mixture of solvents containing butyl acetate, xylene and toluene. But enough of  Advanced Chemistry 101, on to the industrial wood and lacquer dining table.

Big enough to hold a small class of beginner Chemists, this dining table will easily fit family and friends on special occasions or the holidays. Made from solid elm wood, this table top is covered in white lacquer with a high gloss finish. So if one of those Chemists accidentally spills a lab test, it cleans up easy with the quick wipe of a paper towel. And at almost 12 feet long, this industrial dining table can easily accommodate four chairs on each side and if need be, two chairs on each end.

Now get lacquered!

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An industrial size dining table

Big enough to hold a class

With an elm wood base

And a white lacquer top

Get lacquered

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