Industrial Wood and Marble Kitchen Island

Cook in style with this industrial wood and marble top kitchen island.

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. But spending every night in the kitchen preparing dinner can sometimes get a little tedious. But if you have a kitchen that’s decked out in vintage industrial style it just might make it a little easier to cook dinner. Use this wood and marble island in the center of your kitchen to add industrial style to your space. Made with reclaimed pine and a solid marble top, this kitchen island is ready to work hard for you. Slice and dice your way to dinner with this rock hard marble top and store your cooking utensils below in the side pull drawers or the front and back cabinets. And if you want to show off your favorite vintage finds, display them proudly on the large open shelf below. And when dinner is done gather your friends and family around this kitchen island for good drinks and good times.

Now who’s going to do the dishes.

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Cook in style

With this industrial kitchen island

Made with reclaimed wood

And a marble top

Get cooking!

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