Industrial Wood and Metal Bookcase

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Globalization, global economy, global warming.

What happened to just plain globe. I remember growing up and having a globe of the planet earth on my desk in my bedroom. Those globes are now considered vintage and making a big comeback.

The best part about a globe is that it can go anywhere. These globes look great on this big industrial wood and metal bookcase. In fact, you can fit all the globes you want on this industrial bookcase. It’s that big. Made from real reclaimed wood, the shelves on this bookcase are thick and heavy. And the metal frame can take the weight of this wood and a whole bunch of globes. Vintage luggage, vintage binoculars and hats, this bookcase can hold it all. Use this industrial bookcase on any wall in your home and go find that vintage globe. Now where is Macedonia?

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Industrial wood and metal bookcase

With vintage luggage

Vintage binoculars

Vintage camera

And vintage globe

Don’t forget the reclaimed wood

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