Industrial Wood and Metal Coffee Table

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If you like the stars and stripes of the good old US of A, you will like this sofa. I am usually not a fan of the bold red, white and blue in my living room but I would make an exception for this sofa. Somehow it all works. Vintage style stars and stripes pillows, industrial wood and metal coffee table, vintage leather bags and boxing prints, all make this a great space to sit down and relax.

I like coffee tables that you can kick back and put your feet up on. And you can certainly do that with this industrial built coffee table, without taking your shoes off. Made from industrial strength heavy metal and reclaimed wood, this coffee table is big and can handle a big family gathering. Food, drinks and even a good game of monopoly, this coffee table can handle it all with real industrial style. So sit back, put your feet up and watch me buy Park Place and Boardwalk!

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Stars and stripes sofa

Industrial wood and metal coffee table

Vintage style USA pillows

Vintage luggage

With aged leather

And vintage posters

Industrial strength

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