Industrial Wood Coffee Tables

Is your coffee table green. If not, try growing some grass on it.

Green products are made using existing materials that are recycled and transformed into new products. Made from recycled wood, no new trees are destroyed in the making of green coffee tables. Instead, old wood that was previously part of another structure like an old barn or boat is used which is good for the environment and good for our living rooms too. Unfortunately, this coffee table was inspired by industrial metal trunks and is not green. But with a little imagination we can add our own style of green . You can use your coffee table to serve family and friends a post dinner cup of coffee but you can also use your coffee table to add some color and visual interest to the room. And if you can’t find the right accent for your wood coffee table you can always make your own. An industrial Union Jack trunk looks great on a coffee table but add some live grass and it makes the room. All you need is a few seeds and a little water..

Got grass?

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Industrial metal trunk

With red, white and blue

Union Jack

Got grass?

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