Industrial Wood Dining Table

An apple a day keeps the dentist away but they make a wood dining table look great too.

Most dining tables are decorated with a glass bowl in the center or with a vase of flowers, preferably not plastic. But this all natural wood dining table has a display of fresh fruit and you can’t get more natural than that. Built industrial strong with solid wood, this table can certainly hold more than just a few apples. But load up some vintage wood crates, fill them with ripe red apples and this industrial dining table invites you to sit down and stay awhile. Not to mention that I want to take a bite out of an apple. Apples can have a longer shelf life than fresh cut flowers so they are a great alternative to common bowls or vases. This dining table will add real industrial style to your space but fresh picked apples add a splash of color and turn your space into a home.

Pass me an apple please.

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An apple a day

Keeps the dentist away

And turns your space

Into a home

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